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Sunday, February 20, 2011

SES - 013 - GEO OL Series (Diameter 14mm)

 PRICE : RM30 for 1 pair (Not include postage)

* Brand : GEO Series
* Type : Geo Violet Wing OL101
* Diameter : 14 MM
*Available power : 0 ONLY
* Brand : GEO Series
* Type : Geo Blue Wing OL102
* Diameter : 14 MM
*Available power : 0 ONLY

 * Brand : GEO Series
* Type : Geo Honey Wing OL104
* Diameter : 14 MM
*Available power : 0 - 750

* Brand : GEO Series
* Type : Geo Ash Wing OL105
* Diameter : 14 MM
*Available power : 0 - 750 


Additional Information:
  • Lens life time: 1 year (Recommended 3-6 months)
  • Made in Korea
  • All Geo Lens comes with Anti Fake Sticker
  • Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable.
  • Seller will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the delivery.
  • No reservation. First come first basic
  • Buy at your own risk. We will not responsible of any problem of your eyes
  • No guarantee that your eyes are suitable for those lenses. Only guarantee on the authenticity of the lenses.
  • All ready stock. Lens will be posted by the next day once payment has been made. 
  • To those customers who need their lens urgently, please purchase 3 – 4 days earlier. If not there are chance of getting pos office’s delay, human error and other issues. To prevent this, kindly purchase earlier. Please don’t urge me, I can’t do anything.
  • All the manufacturer have implemented and receive quality assurance standard and have international license such as ISO, CE, KGMP . All lens are safe lens, comfortable, ease of handling, fitting and no side effect.
  • Communication method : via SMS, Email & Facebook inbox ONLY. If I didn’t reply ur SMS, pls Email me.

Ordering Process:
  1. Check the availability of stock ONLY via SMS thru our number 013 - 731 9834 or via EMAIL
  2. After the availability of stock had been confirmed, pls make the payment ASAP coz we will not keep the lens more then 24 hours. (It’s first come, 1st serve basis).
  3. Only send me the details of ur order once the payment been made.
  •  If there are any unexpected problem occur during the process, we will refund the payment.
  •  We will not take responsibility of any delay during the delivery process.

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